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Robert Grin: Broker of Record.

Robert Grin is an experienced Fine Homes Realestate Inc., Brokerage Broker with a true passion for Toronto and its neighbourhoods. He provides outstanding service to buyers and sellers alike. He takes the time to understand each client’s unique needs, personal preferences and style. Robert can help you find the perfect property or to sell your home for the best possible price.

Vlad Faingold: Realestate Sales Representative that cares about you.

Vlad Faingold is a Realestate Professional Agent with one concern in Mind: Satisfy His Clients! After analyzing customer needs in detail, Vlad is one of the few capable of pointing out the best areas that meet the specific needs of each family. His knowledge of the city and its regions is his biggest differential

About Fine Homes Realestate Inc., Brokerage

Fine Homes Realestate Inc., Brokerage is a team of the GTA’s top real estate agents and renovation experts. When you are investing in a property, you want to make the right choice. Our real estate broker can help you decide if a specific property is a good investment. We will examine the property’s sales history and compare recent sales. Once we know the property’s true market value, we can help you determine if the property is a good investment. We help you find the right house, renovate when needed and increase the value of your property to its full potential. Find out more about current market trends and strategic investment and renovation opportunities.

Quality of Service

Fine Homes Realestate Inc., Brokerage has focused on the quality of its service, customizing each inquiry with care, attention and efficiency. If you are looking for a house, townhouse, apartment or condo, here you will find the necessary support to make your search a pleasure, discovering opportunities and having the support you need for trading. All processes are streamlined with the experience and tranquility that you only find with staff from Fine Homes Realestate Inc., Brokerage. Here you turn properties into places you can call your home!


Do you want to invest with the certainty of return? The Fine Homes Realestate Inc., Brokerage has shown how profitability is connected to the quality of small renovations in buildings. With a multidisciplinary team, you will have all the help to suit your property, with little investment in repairs and adjustments that allow you to increase its profitability and also to have the support of the sale with the best Real Estate Brokers in Ontario. Call us now and come to hear our ideas!